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Prison 2 Palace - Testimony of Dr. David Thirukumaran.

I went on an adventure in London called Escape Room with my friends a few weeks back. Basically we were sent into a prison camp where the prisoners of war (us) were kept captives and we needed to escape to find our freedom. We were given a map and some other tools which were available in the rooms to find our way out. One clue led to another, and some of them were needed to make the final steps of the escape, however they made no sense in the beginning of our pursuit of freedom. We were quite lost at times but it was helpful to hear our guide's voice over the speaker telling us if we were off track or when we focused on minor details and missed the mark. Without his help we would not have finished the mission in the allocated time. We found our way out from the prison camp in 58 mins and 30 seconds, just a minute and half away from the cut-off time of 1 hour. It was quite thrilling and the team work with my friends, instruction of the guide and moving with our gut feeling was paramount for the successful completion. 

I found so much correlation between that adventure and our day to day life. Firstly, it's quite thrilling to start a new thing / pursuit in life but when the road gets harder we find excuses or give up on our God-given vision. We often try with all our efforts but at times we are blind to the next step that we need to take and at other times we lose vision and purpose because we are stuck at some point and do not listen to the voice of God. Secondly, there are distractions from the enemy and also our inner voice which can be negative at times and so we lose our enthusiasm. Finally, the guide 's voice on our adventure was so important because it directed us in times when we were lost. In the same way God's still small voice always guides us when we pay attention. 

2018 was the toughest year in my life. Even though the year started with the excitement of coming to the UK, I had to go through loads of disappointments, delays betrayal and hopelessness. I was on a downward trend where I saw nothing but despair, depression and was on the verge of taking my life. For a season, I was accusing my parents for my state, then I accused others and finally myself. Nothing helped the cause, but continuous prayers were going to heaven from my loving family, friends and God's extended family.

In January the following year I held on to a promise that I heard God speak to me," You will be surprised when you get the results of your UK medical licence exam ( PLAB )". I had already failed once in 2018 when I was in a good state of mind, then after that I was not in a good mind set and I was left with no clarity in my thoughts. I held on to the hope that God instilled in me and it stayed with me for a few months until I sat for the exams. Faithful Father kept His word and surprised me so much that when the results came, I passed with flying colours, I was on cloud 9 for a few days and was celebrating his goodness. One step after the other God set me free from all my fears, led me through the path to freedom and into His righteous way. That made me stand right with my Holy God.

God had got me out of the darkness that I was in and put me into His marvelous light that I may share His goodness with you through reading this testimony.

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