Pastor Gururaj Iyengar is an Anointed Man of God. Jesus appeared to him, separated him from a Brahmin Priestly Orthodox family from the darkness of this world into His marvellous light. He has called him to travel the world and preach the Gospel and to heal the sick and deliver people from the oppression of the enemy not by words but in the demonstration of the power that is vested in the Word of God. By the grace of God and according to the promise given by our Lord Jesus in an encounter to him, has been traveling extensively within UK and to many parts of the world to testify of the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ and to minister in Churches, Conferences and Crusades. Pastor Gururaj carries a very subtle Anointing, to disciple and impart the gift of the Holy Spirit Fire to the believers and the called of God. Pastor Gururaj has the gifting to bring focus unto men and women of God and bring them into the centre of their call and God's will, with His profound teaching. The Holy Spirit has enabled him to bring  unity in Churches and leaders worldwide, where unity has not been the centre of gravity. 

  • Sun, 15 Nov
    Meeting ID: 868 5126 8064 Password: 411417
    Special Sunday Service with Sis. Stephanie Issac
  • Thu, 06 Aug
    Joshua's 4 Jesus, a 3 day youth camp to bring together the youth of GEC countries together to build the Kingdom of God and find their identity and purpose. This will pave the way for the youth to encounter the living God just like Joshua did at mount sinai, in a more personal and intimate way.
  • Mon, 03 Aug
    Millennium Al Barsha
    Apostle Gururaj Iyengar will be the lead speaker in the Moving Forward - International Pastors conference in Dubai, UAE. The meeting is to equip leaders and pastors in the fulfilling the call of God upon their lives, Also to impart the gift of the Holy Spirit enabling them to build Gods Kingdom.
  • Fri, 22 May
    Grace of Lord Ministry
    Pastor Raj will be ministering in Stockholm, Sweden in May at the Grace of the Lord Ministries with Pastor Joseph Arulanantham.
  • Fri, 15 May
    Pastor Gururaj Iyengar will be taking a lead part in the prayer for the Nations meeting to be held for the second consecutive year in Dublin Ireland.

The Holy Spirit of God inspired me to start this fellowship (Walls of Salvation Church) to provide the Spiritual Manna (Hebrew) to those people who are broken hearted and to those people who are in darkness so that the Word of God can bring them into His light. Walls of Salvation is a biblically based non-denominational Church where the only aim is to take the Word of God as the Word of God undiluted to the people of nations the world over. It is my earnest prayer that the Holy Spirit of God will return a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a Holy nation its own special people that we, as a church, may proclaim the praises of Jesus Who called us out of darkness into His marvellous light.


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